The loss of a loved one is a time that is very personal. Each person, based on their beliefs and emotional state will react to this very stressful time in a different way. There is no "right" way to feel. It is important that you are free to deal with this in your own way. A Professional Celebrant will assist you to express your loss and grief in a manner that allows you the freedom of opening your heart in the celebration of your loved ones life and in the very sensitive way that you say farewell to this person who has been a very important part of your life.

A Bereavement Celebrant will meet with the family and listen as they speak of their loved one and the times shared with them. From this meeting they are able to either assist you or write a ceremony that reflects the relationship shared with the members of your family. Your special needs are catered for in every detail by the Celebrant. It is important that this farewell is carried out in such a way that family members and friends receive closure. This in turn allows them to move on in their world with their memories.